On-line Banking

School items invoices can be paid with online banking through your banking services. Currently, The National Bank, Desjardins, Scotia Bank, TD, Tangerine and BMO-Bank of Montreal customers can use this service. Other financial institutions might be added . You only have to add COMMISSION SCOLAIRE EASTERN TOWNSHIPS – SCHOOL ITEMS as a payee. You will need to fill the requested information along with the 20 digit number; being the “reference number” This number identifies both the student and the payer. This number will be the same, as long as your child goes to the same school. You will need to create a separate payee’s invoice reference number to pay for each of your children (as they each have a unique ref. number). You will also need to enter a separate payee ref. number for each payer: if both parents pay an invoice, each of them has their own ref. number. (i.e. joint custody). It is therefore very important to use the accurate ref. number. You can also pay at an ATM machine, by inserting the payment coupon with your payment. Please note that there is a delay of 2 to 3 working days to allow all data to be updated in our different software. It is important to know that if your child changes school, you will need to update your payee’s ref. number as they are specific for each school. that you will find on the top of your invoice/statement of account, just above your name (payer’s name). The number starts with 836. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BILLING FOR SCHOOL ITEMS IS DIFFERENT THAN THE ONE FOR DAYCARE SERVCICES WHICH IS ALSO DIFFERENT THAN SCHOOL TAXES. THERE ARE 3 DIFFERENT REFERENCE NUMBERS, ASSOCIATED TO 3 DIFFERENT SUPPLIERS ( 1 SUPPLIER FOR THE DAYCARE, 1 SUPPLIER FOR SCHOOL ITEMS AN DONE FOR SCHOOL TAXES). IT IS MANDATORY TO HAVE THEM SEPARATE.